Our Story

Our story started as a dedicated farmer who works passionately for natural and sustainable agriculture in our farm in Karamürsel, Kocaeli. Our aim was to deliver quality, delicious and natural beef from the farm to the consumers.

Düvee, in 2018, “Healthy generation, healthy food.” founded on philosophy. It aimed to produce for the happiness of customers and to bring natural and healthy beef from the farm to the table. As the second brand of Duvee farm, 7DüveeL was born from Düvee's great success and our sense of responsibility towards the expectations of our dear consumers.


We believe a healthy body then a healthy family and finally a healthy humanity is derived from what we eat. We also believe that a nutritious food should be delicious and satisfying in every possible aspect. That's why we focus on producing highly nutritious and highly elaborate products with a genuine farmer's approach. Every 7Düveel product proudly represents this approach to help and add value to healthy lifestyles of people.


As a genuine farmers’ brand, we are here to challenge what highly industrialized meat products and global food brands serves us. It’s manifested in our brand name already. We’re ready to do what it takes, just to serve better food for the global health-conscious and taste-conscious of society, under the label of 7Düveel


All meat and meat-based ingredients we use in 7DüveeL, comes from The Düvee Ranch. There, we raise our cattle in a stress-free environment without tying or locking them in barn, and feed them with crops we raise naturally. That is the secret behind the delicious and naturally consistent taste of 7DüveeL products. In our recipes, we strongly believe in using, adapting and improving the how our mothers, grandmothers cook. So, our trade marked preparing techniques like Düvee MicroMash and Pre-Baking Bones are totally inspired from how our older generations cook.